Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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National Employee Freedom Week is an excellent time to reflect upon how lucky enough Kansans are to have workplace liberty in a right-to-work state, one in which in turn individuals are given the choice on whether or not to join a nation. As a former public university teacher in Kansas, I worked in an environment by using significant union influence. The nation’s Education Association (NEA) was any bargaining agent with the neighborhood school board on behalf of many teachers, union members or perhaps not. The union negotiated such things as how much we were paid, edge benefits, work hours, yearly schedule, all the way down to things like the duration of recess and the dress code. Is it appropriate that a governing administration union bargain collectively having a publicly elected body? These kinds of statements put that challenge into perspective.

The very dynamics and purposes of Government help it become impossible for administrative reps to represent fully or bind the employer (the people) inside mutual discussions with Federal government employee organizations.” C Franklin Delano Roosevelt

It is impossible to be able to bargain collectively with the federal government.” C George Meany, former President within the AFL-CIO.

Collective bargaining is not all that they did. The union was very active in governmental, using member dues to relocate their political agenda-even if it isn’t my agenda or that from other members.?I was also find to several instances when just the threat of union intervention kept principals from doing the right thing by disciplining and/or recommending educators for termination. It’s no technique that the process, one negotiated by the union, keeps methods from being initiated.

And, exactly what is supposed to be a non-political organization will be anything but. It seems fundamentally incorrect that a public sector, individual supported union such as NEA spends time and member dues on lobbying to get more taxpayer dollars.

Despite training in a state in which union regular membership is a choice, I was amazed at the number of teachers We knew who believed they had to join the union. Many were scared into joining by heavy- handed tactics such as making teachers, especially the brand new ones, believe that a lawsuit or termination was always lurking and merely the union could guard them.

The bottom line is that people have to do the responsibility to make their own judgement regarding union membership, when using the understanding of what’s best for themselves along with their families. After all, that’s the basis of freedom C a flexibility that trusts individuals to succeed automatically merits and doesn’t treat these like interchangeable parts. In such a case, making for better teachers and consequently for more successful students.



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