Sunday, October 17, 2021
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The Olathe school district had a $16 trillion payroll increase last year during their legislature’s 6-year / $1 billion funding improve offered up to appease the particular Kansas Supreme Court.? The new cash is theoretically intended to improve pupil achievement but the Legislature (again) still did not include any real responsibility measures to ensure money ended up being effectively spent.? ??KPI scholar Brian Dorsey was a teacher in Topeka adopting the last court-ordered funding increase in Montoy?and says not much changed throughout how his district operated except everyone got a awesome pay increase.? Based on this analysis of the Olathe school payroll and employment reports, it appears to be ‘business since usual’ again.

The ten highest paid out Olathe school administrators received a typical 13 percent pay enhance last year according to data supplied by the district in an Wide open Records request. ?The district’s total payroll increased by Seven.5 percent but a good portion of the particular is attributed to hiring more staff; fulltime equivalent employment increased by 4.4 percent.? Payroll amounts include just about all forms of pay (salary, extremely hard, bonuses, stipends, etc.) but hardly any benefits.

Superintendent John Allison tops a list at $306,692; that’s 6 percent over the interim superintendent received the year before but $40,000 more than Allison was paid in 2017 as superintendent on the state’s largest district during Wichita.? Two of the top ten had concept changes that indicate substantial change in duties (to Helper Superintendent) but the largest increase C any 41 percent bump through about $111,000 to $156,1000 C went to Elaine Fasulo.? She was mentioned as Director of Particular Services in 2017 but now is known as Executive Director of Specific Services.? Chief Financial Expert John Hutchinson’s pay jumped Twenty percent to a little about $213,000.

The complete Olathe school payroll can be viewed and downloaded here at

The education lobby claimed the new money would be rather specifically targeted to hire counselors, researchers and other staff to improve results and close achievement gaps.? And that is what they did with some of your money, but they also hired much more staff in many other areas.

Department regarding Education employment reports demonstrate Olathe hired 1.5 even more psychologists and 4.A few more counselors, but the center also hired 8 even more managers.? Sixteen more class aides were hired, however , 19 more clerical placements were added.? Overall, this district added 166 fulltime similar employees.

There were 83 additional teachings positions reported with employment reports, which appears good on the surface, but an in-depth dive into the payroll listing shows the biggest gain is in substitute teachers.? Keep in mind, the payroll listing is the number of people who received a paycheck so more turnover suggests more paychecks but not actually more employees-and because of turnover, there will always be more paychecks than staff members over the course of a year.

There was a internet increase of 153 paychecks made available to the teaching categories displayed in the adjacent table, compared to a net increase of Eighty three fulltime equivalent teachers.? Since the 95 additional substitute professors are likely part time employees, it feels right that the net increase in FTE instructors is just 83.? This means the world wide web increase in teachers most likely to better achievement for students performing underneath standards is a much lower range.

Remember, the court’s rationale for telling schools are underfunded is that a couple of quarter of students are performing below grade level upon state assessment tests.? It is not that there’s no value with teaching Art, Japanese, Audio or Physical Education (for example) but subjects like these don’t signify the below-grade-level shortfalls.

If the big begin substitute teachers means ordinary teachers are reporting down more frequently, that further lowers the impact on student efficiency.

Doing the same thing over and over again but with higher prices won’t help students.? But until legislators plus governors are willing to resist pressure with the education lobby and really have schools accountable, taxpayers will be spending a billion dollars more and it’ll be dj vu all over again for students.



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