Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Daniel Ricciardo has no doubt that he will be a Ferrari Formula One driver by now if the Italian fans were given a vote on the make any difference.

As it is, the Red Fluff driver will start Sunday’s Mexican Grand Prix near the back of the grid for the subsequent year running but there is even now plenty of local love for any Australian with Italian ancestral roots.

“The Italians are nuts in all of the right ways,” he told reporters at Monza.

“It’s humorous, but even now that I’meters signed for the next two years, they are really like ‘Hey, vieni a Mercedes (come to Ferrari)’. I’m, including, ‘I don’t know if you guys saw, but…”

Ricciardo is joining Renault next season in a move that slipped like a bombshell in Formula One right before the August break.

Before this, he had been linked on tv speculation to glamour workforce Ferrari and champions Rolls royce but neither expressed every interest in pairing him making use of their title contenders.

Sebastian Vettel has a agreement with Ferrari to the close of 2020 while fellow 4x world champion Lewis Hamilton recently refurbished his deal at Mercedes.

“I feel like if the fans voted, things would probably be varied,” said the Australian.

“Maybe they (the Italian Ferrari followers) still want some of my very own Italian blood in one of the Italian cars. But they’concerning cool. They’re full on playing with a friendly way.”

Ricciardo, who said he arrived in Monza a day very early just because he wanted nachos, started 16th in Monza previous season due to engine fees and penalties and finished fourth. He had trained in third place.

This occasion he will have more penalties by using Red Bull eager to take up the latest Renault upgrades and planning to avoid any grid lose at the next race inside Singapore where they have a chance of winning.

“Its likely I’ll have one more at some point,” said Ricciardo. “If we could possibly get from Singapore through without any fees and penalties then that would be above goal for now.”

Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg has a 10-place shed imposed after he created a crash at last weekend’s Belgian Great Prix, which means Ricciardo might not be right in the on Sunday. Despite that, he or she was still hoping to make the stage.

“The podium looks so good here. I’m hoping for some crazy race that gets myself on the podium,” he said.

“I conducted Eau Rouge (at Spa) with out a rear wing on clapboard one (after a collision) well, i think we’re just intending to take the rear wing away from (here),” he joked.



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