Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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The timeless 1988 action relocate Die Hard teased the audience with vintage Hollywood plot misdirection. What appeared to be a major international band of criminals kidnapping corporate officials to gain the release of terrorists worldwide, turned out to be nothing more than a very complex, daring (and high dollar!) capital grab.

The story arc between the progression of Die Hard and the Kansas Better Court’s role in the Gannon case has striking resemblance. Gannon I, as in the primary act of Die Hard, was not in any way about money. It was with regards to being “reasonably calculated.” It absolutely was about Rose standards. It was concerning achievement gaps. It was regarding state assessment scores. Gannon I had been a hard turn from the Court’s situation in the Montoy case of the former decade. But in Gannon VI, likely the penultimate decision in this judicial convention, the Court affirmed that, sure indeed



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