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Global Knowledge’s top blogs of 2017 all have one thing in common: Tips for success.

Whether you’re mapping out an IT certification track, troubleshooting a VPN or searching for the perfect tech toy to add to your wish list, our most-viewed blogs of the year are filled to the brim with lessons, guidelines and advice for IT and non-IT professionals.

Learn more about ITIL?, Cisco certifications, the importance of washing your hands (this will make more sense shortly) and more in our five most popular blog posts of the year.

5. Chart Your Path with a Cisco Certification Tracks Map

Cisco Live 2017 attendees were particularly curious about our new Cisco Career Certification Tracks map. So too were our readers.

The roadmap provides a clear illustration of the steps needed to attain the Cisco certification of your choice. This training tool provides a better understanding of optional certification tracks and those with prerequisites.

While this guide is available online, we saw a strong interest in our laminated, hand-held copies. It’s perfect for posting in your cubicle or office, and you can write on it with a dry-erase marker to actively track your progress.

Request your free Cisco certification guide now and start mapping out your 2018 IT training journey.

4. How to Troubleshoot Cisco’s Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN)

Cisco designed the Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network (DMVPN) as a network solution for those that have many sites that need access to either a hub site or each other. But what happens if it doesn’t work?

This blog describes in detail the steps needed to troubleshoot a DMVPN. There are many moving parts to examine, including base configuration of the tunnel interfaces (and the basic connectivity), the registration of the spokes to the hub(s), and IPSec.

When in doubt, break your DMVPN issues down to its components: basic connectivity, basic tunnel function and then security.

3. How ITIL? Differentiates Problems and Incidents

For the second straight year, an ITIL post makes our top-five list. This particular blog offers clarification to a challenge faced by many ITIL Foundation students: what is the difference between incidents and problems?

Not only does this post offer a definition of both, it explains the relationship between incidents and problems and why ITIL draws a distinction between the two.

It’s important for organizations to understand the differences, especially when attempting to restore a service or trying to understand the root cause of an outage.

2. Stranger Danger and Other Kindergarten Rules For a More Secure Workplace

Cybersecurity awareness isn’t just for IT professionals. This blog approaches cybersecurity in a way that’s reader-friendly for those not living and breathing IT security.

Remember the rules you learned in kindergarten? Clean up your own mess. Don’t talk to strangers. Wash your hands. These simple directions can also apply to cybersecurity!

Get nostalgic and boost your cyber hygiene all at the same time. Cybersecurity awareness training once a year isn’t enough-use these tips as day-to-day reminders to make the internet safer for you and your organization.

1. Tech the Halls: 12 Tech Toys to Add to Your Holiday Wish List

What is the top gift for techies this holiday season? We asked our own gadget-lovers to see what they most want to see under the Christmas tree.

Home security items are popular this year, with a wireless security camera and a secure router making our list. You’ll also notice a couple tried-and-true tech toys-a phone and a gaming system-that just happened to get some noteworthy upgrades.

There’s also a throwback item or two on the list. One first hit the market three decades ago (hint: its cassette tapes have been replaced by an app) and the other transports you back to the days when we actually developed our photos.

Compare wish lists with our resident techies and learn about the top features of the season’s hottest gadgets.



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