Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Any Kubrick fan likely knows from the hidden messages and metaphors that was always incorporated into his or her films. Some brush all these off as a mere conspiracy theory, but those who decide to dig deeper into the hidden this means behind these symbols realize its easy to see that Stanley was seeking to tell us something.

Eyes Wide Shut

This motion picture was Kubrick’s last, and for those people who are aware of what is really taking place , behind the scenes in regards to the elite cultures that run our world, it is easy to realise why. Eyes Wide Shut was filmed in a Rothschild mansion along with the events that took place on this film are eerily much like a real masquerade party that came about in the 70’s. It only takes a certain amount of research to see that these top notch parties often have themes associated with some form of satanic rituals. At the Rothschilds party, there were photos of how the site was decorated, with doll parts and blood everywhere. With the menu featuring words and phrases to describe human flesh.

What Do Kubrick Know?

It would seem that maybe Kubrick knew too much for his very own good and attempted to uncover what was really going on in today’s world. Was he invited to of these parties and got any first-hand account of what was going on? Maybe someone had confided in your pet about events that were observed. We will never be able to know for sure, but it is clear that with his finalized film Kubrick was trying to inform us something. If you have seen the actual film, you may have finished them feeling confused, and perhaps that will something important was missing. There were a number of rumors that a whole entire 20 minutes of the film appeared to be cut after Kubrick presented them to the studio. This footage is missing and out of the question, and what’s even fishier, is definitely Kubrick’s death just days right after the film was screened. The actual official cause of death was a cardiac event, but many believe that his death was merely made to appear as if a heart attack and there was some more sinister work at play. In case Kubrick was murdered for discovering too much, it could have been applied as a threat for others who’s been thinking of doing precisely the same to keep their mouths shut.

Did Kubrick realize too much? Was he attempting to tell us something with the film? The studio cut 24 minutes from the film, then only a week later, Kubrick was dead-.



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