Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway and portrayed her utter disgust at just how white people are all “naturally evil.”

Following the horrific shooting of 18-year-old African American Nia Wilson on Tuesday, Hathaway jumped on the tragedy to talk about her hatred for white colored people.

Despite the fact that the assassin, John Cowell, was diagnosed with?the illness and schizophrenia and had been refused proper medical care –?Hollywood liberals chosen the attack must have happen to be motivated by racism.

?Numerous without knowing or perhaps without thoughtful about the facts of the case, immediately spread that plot.

Hollywood also took up the cause, which include Anne Hathaway.

Anne Hathaway, the paragon of wokeness around Hollywood (funny, has your woman ever starred in any pictures that deal with racism or perhaps the struggle of Black People in america?), has unleashed an Instagram scolding connected with white people.

“The murder associated with Nia Wilson- may she rest from the power and peace the woman was denied here- is unspeakable And will NOT be met with mime. She is not a hash tag; your woman was a black woman and he or she was murdered in cold blood by a white person.

“White people- including me, including you- has to take into the marrow of our privileged bone fragments the truth that ALL black people concern for their lives DAILY in the states and have done so for Several years. White people DO NOT have equivalence just for this fear of violence. Given these givens, we must ask our (white-colored)selves- how “decent” are we really? Definitely not in our intent, but in our own actions? In our lack of activity? Peace and prayers and JUSTICE for Nia and the Wilson household xx”

As Townhall’s Ryan Bomberger, who is black, information, no, all black people do not reside in fear daily and Hathaway would not speak for him.

No, Hathaway as catwoman. ALL black people DO NOT fear with regards to lives daily. Not sure what type of marrow you have in your bones, but it’s making you delusional.

I’m black, and you donrrrt speak for me. Nia Wilson’s murder seemed to be horrific. I can’t imagine your ex family’s trauma right now.

So, don’t exploit it.

Cowell is a psychologically ill man. So, you should, Ms. Hathaway, stop this unnecessary racial division and white-colored privilege garbage. Nia’s family has struggled an unimaginable loss. You do not know them. I don’t know them. Even so know people in these disastrous circumstances need prayers, not propaganda. They need justice, not synthetic white-guilt jargon.

But for people on the remaining, it’s all about preaching identity governmental and preaching division, certainly not about waiting for or exploring the facts.

As Bomberger points out Hathaway wasn’t a common Hollywood personality to promote this narrative. Viola Davis and Rose McGowan in addition pitched it. But not a word about the mental illness associated with Cowell.

And as Bomberger notes, this is a dangerous narrative to push, if perhaps Americans buy into this perception.

I loathe racism, no matter the pigmentation with skin it comes from or perhaps the socioeconomic status of the perpetrator. We have been supposed to be a melting container. Didn’t anyone pay attention to in which Schoolhouse Rock? Ok, so millennials, that had been way before your time, however the principle is still the same. America cannot exist if we are not just one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for anyone. Many of us have said that pledge thousands of times, but do we react with compassion and which means clarity to ensure that this is our reality?

If our heart, as a society, is not for racial getting back together, these race hucksters will triumph. Division, distrust and deformation is all they have to offer.

Instead utilizing the tragedy to pimp a political narrative, Bomberger says, what about instead praying for the only two families whose lives are already ripped apart by this terrible act?



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