Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Disgraced Hollywood actor Peter Fonda, that has already received a visit from the Secret Service this year following issuing vile threats from Barron Trump, doesn’t seem to have learned their lesson. Opening his substantial mouth on Twitter all over again, Fonda has committed what could be your felony this time, urging Democrat voters to help commit voter fraud in order to beat Trump in the upcoming midterms.?

Using his tested Twitter page, Peter Fonda discussed instructions for Democrat voters to commit voter fraud in November, shamelessly inspiring liberals to break the law and subvert democracy to make a blue wave.

Addressing dad and mom who have millennial children who do not choose to vote Democrat, Fonda said these moms and dads must fill in their children’ersus ballots for them (which is called “voter?impersonation” under the laws, and is strictly illegal) together with mail them in; or, if he or she prefer, they can also accept the ballot to the polling station and provides it to the officials , which is also “voter impersonation” and?subject to harsh felony penalties, including 5 years in prison in addition to a fine of up to $10,000.

It is certainly ironic that the Democrats proceed leading the Russian collusion witch hunt, accusing Russia for subverting our democracy, while one of their own celebrity spokespeople openly incites the particular subversion of our democracy, and the flouting of our guidelines.

Perhaps it should not be surprising, coming from Peter Fonda, considering his track record about Twitter. First Lady Melania Trump’s business office confirmed to the press that they notified the Secret Service with regards to Fonda’s Twitter suggestion that Barron Trump must be kidnapped, caged, and raped.

The Hollywood actor’s strange Twitter endorsement of Democrat voter deception also raises a question which will Peter Fonda and his elite cronies don’t want ordinary liberals to stop in addition to think about. If the Democrats find out they have to commit voter fraud so that you can win, what does that express about their platform and daily schedules?



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