Sunday, October 17, 2021
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A February 9 blog post by just Mark Tallman outlining the KASB school funding positions on some finance elements left out critical perception that legislators and tax payers need to understand.? Mr. Tallman’s premise is the fact that legislators haven’t fully borrowed certain aspects of school financial between 2009 and 2017, and perhaps if his numbers tend to be accurate, the impact isn’t necessarily when claimed and he didn’t point out funding that was provided beyond what was statutorily required.

Extra Funding regarding LOB Equalization

The Supreme Court ruling on Native Option Budget equity made available the Legislature with broad leeway in resolving wealth-based disparity, together with did not require specific backing levels. “We agree that the infirmity is usually quite curable in a variety of ways-at the choice of the legislature. And also the
legislature should have an opportunity to promptly treatment. Any cure will be calculated by determining whether it completely reduces the unreasonable, wealth-based disparity to ensure the disparity then becomes constitutionally okay, not whether the cure really restores funding to the previous levels.”? Legislators didn’t have to increase LOB funding beyond the $339.Two million provided in 2014



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