Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Once again, the Kansas instruction system has been ranked in the bottom half of the states, lagging behind the media as a whole. The 22nd total annual edition of Quality Counts, a across the country report card that provides a notice grade for each state’s training system was recently published. Kansas earned an overall rank of C, with a upvc composite score of 73.Three (on a 100-point scale). That measures up unfavorably to the U.S. composite of 74.4. Kansas ranks 27th among the 55 states and D.G.

The report, produced along with published by Education Week magazine, grades the states on a couple of categories: Chance-for-success, school finance, plus K-12 achievement. According to the report;

Kansas gets a B-minus in the Chance-for-Success category together with ranks 19th. The average talk about earns a C-plus. In School Financing, Kansas receives a C and ranks 25th. For the K-12 Results Index, last updated from the 2016 report, it finishes 40th with a grade of D. The average state earns levels of C and C-minus at college Finance and K-12 Achievement, correspondingly.

In a departure from prior years, Education Week is usually releasing the full contents of a report in three payments. More specific data throughout each of the three categories are going to be released during the summer and also fall of 2018.



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