Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Class is in session! Are you preparing for CCNA Collaboration certification? Take a minute to refresh your knowledge of Cisco Unified Communications components with this question designed to test your knowledge of material likely to be found on the 210-060 exam.

Question: Which two of the following are considered benefits for out-of-band management over in-band management?

A. Separation of user from management traffic

B. Additional network components

C. No consumption of user bandwidth

D. Open management network

E. Use of authentication servers

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Answer: A and C

Explanation: Out-of-band management has a separate path dedicated to the function of management. Therefore, it is not consuming bandwidth that would normally be for end user traffic. Also, since the out-of-band interface could be attached to a separate closed network, with that separation of the user traffic and management traffic, there is less risk of attack and unauthorized access into the devices.




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