Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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A year ago we featured?a comprehensive report?by authors Ben Secker and Matthew Alford exposing just how substantial the Pentagon and Central intelligence agency programs for partnering with Hollywood actually are, based on many 4,000 new pages of formerly classified archived documents obtained through the Convenience of Information Act.

The?report known?at the time that?”These documents at last demonstrate that the US government has worked c = continual reporting on over 800 main movies and more than 1,Thousand TV?titles.”

Reviewing the at any time expanding list, the average dvd watcher might be in for a surprise at what films actually are included?-?there are?a lot more predictable ones like?Black Hawk Down, Zero Dark 25, and?Lone Survivor; but in addition?entirely unexpected ones this?apparently needed the military-industrial complex’s propaganda hint like?Earnest Saves The holiday season,?Karate Kid 2,?A Silence of the Lambs,?Twister, the?Iron Man?movies,?and a lot more recently?Pitch Perfect Three.

When a Hollywood writer or even producer approaches the Pentagon and asks for access to government assets to help make their dvd, they have to submit their story to the entertainment liaison locations for vetting.?Ultimately, the man while using final say is Phil Strub, the Unit of Defense’s (DOD) chief Hollywood link, who has been at the helm in this formerly semi-secret department going all the way up back to 1989.

If there are heroes, action or dialogue the DOD doesn’t approve of then the film-maker needs to make changes to accommodate this military’s demands. If they refuse then an Pentagon packs up its toys and goes home. To obtain full cooperation the particular producers have to sign legal contracts, called Production Assistance Arrangements, which?lock them in to using a military-approved version of the piece of software.

Months ago, Strub was again profiled within a report called?Elisting an Audience: Just how Hollywood Peddles Propaganda, which quoted her trying to push back against the developing media exposure over the past calendar year:?”We’re not trying to brainwash people! I am out to present the clearest, truest view,”?Strub informed?The Outline.

The report deservingly noted that while Americans typically pride themselves on living in a free speech anti-censorship society, while simultaneously mocking this propaganda examples in places like Russia or China, united states public is subject to even more homegrown?state-run propaganda than it thinks:

Military pageantry within Russia, massive rallies in Upper Korea, blunt messaging out of China.?We cluck at shameless self-aggrandizing when you see it overseas. But it won’t take much effort to find out that American propaganda is all over the place, too.?It’s not government-made, and it’s not really as brazen as its counterpart from abroad. But it’s here, and to ignore that a piece of content is, at its core, propaganda – primarily these days, while Trump openly pines intended for grand army parades – is actually a mistake. “There’s all kinds of ways to generate an ideological point,” Harris added.?”Sometimes I do think we’re not attuned enough. Unfortunately we cannot look hard enough for propaganda.”

And what’s more, unlike in authoritarian systems, in the West it’s the consumers that are actually willing, only if unwitting, participants in talk about propaganda.?The Outline?report?continues on:

Certainly, the content has alternative, truthful agendas, too, but it’s the giant, amorphous market of consumers that has referred to it as forth. That’s the difference between each of our propaganda and everyone else’s.?In autocratic regimes, any government-backed entity pushes it onto indifferent or unwilling consumers. In America, we, the consumers, gladly demand it.

Want to see what exactly Hollywood films?-?many recent and some going back many decades?-?that you’ve seen however were unaware had us states Department of Defense’s official imprimatur?

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Below is a?merely partial variety?of films in alphabetical order?that had Pentagon involvement either during the screenplay or production phase, depending on declassified US government documents. Amazingly this list of 410 movies is nevertheless half of the total number (including,?Zero Dark Thirty?plus some other prominent ones?usually are not on there)?and was composed by the FOIA investigative website?Criminal Culture.



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