Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Preparing for ITIL? Foundation certification? Let’s flex those mental muscles with a quick quiz to help you get ready for exam day.

Question: What are the three (3) types of Service Level Agreements discussed in Service Design?

A. Service-Based, Customer-Based, Multi-Level B. Service Level Agreement (SLA), Operational Level Agreement (OLA), and Underpinning Contract (UC) C. Technology Based, Process Based, Service Based D. Operational, Tactical, and Strategic

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Answer: A.

Explanation: Service Level Agreements (SLA) types are service-based, customer-based and multi-level. A service-based SLA covers one service for all customers that use the service. A customer-based SLA covers one customer for all services that customer uses. Multi-level SLA’s made up of a corporate portion that covers the complete organization with any exceptions to what is in the corporate portion of the SLA being covered by either a service-based or customer-based SLA.



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