Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Preparing for ITIL? Foundation certification? Let’s flex those mental muscles with a quick quiz to help you get ready for exam day.

Question: Your organization has decided to create an IT Continuity Plan in the event there is a disaster. On what three (3) things should the IT Service Continuity Plan be based?

A. Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity Plan B. Service Priority, Business Continuity Plan, Risk Assessment C. Business Continuity Plan, Business Priority, Business Impact Analysis D. Business Impact Analysis, Service Priority, Risk Assessment

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Answer: A.

Explanation: The IT Service Continuity Plan should be based on the Business Continuity Plan, ongoing Risk Assessment, and ongoing Business Impact Analysis. Everything IT does should be based upon the business needs, and IT Service Continuity is no exception. As such, the Business Continuity Plan is a major input to the IT Continuity plan. In addition, it is critical to perform ongoing risk assessment activities to determine the risks of encountering a continuity situation. Risks have the potential of changing, and new risks can be introduced so this should be an ongoing activity. Finally, ongoing Business Impact Analysis is critical. For each service, the impact of that service becoming unavailable needs to be analyzed. Since services change, new services are added and at times decommissioned, a Business Impact Analysis must be carried out as an ongoing activity.



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