Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Kansans are sending a strong information to legislators as they you’ll find next year’s school funding discussions C hold schools accountable.? The statewide public opinion customer survey conducted by SurveyUSA on behalf of Kansas Policy Institute shows:

  • 78 p . c of registered voters say non-instruction solutions should be provided regionally, with the savings put into classrooms.
  • 70 % say the school funding formula should provide financial incentives for progress and consequences if accomplishment goals aren’t met.
  • 62 per cent say just district home owners C not all taxpayers C should pay money for district decisions to spend greater than necessary to provide the same superior product or service.


The survey regarding 512 registered voters was conducted somewhere between November 15 and Nov 20 and has a believability interval of 4.4 percent points.? Complete results and methodology are available online.

Strong demand for better spending is especially noteworthy provided that most Kansans think school funding is significantly lower than reality.? ?Only 6 percent of Kansans correctly believe talk about aid per-pupil is over $7,000 and 6 percent accurately said entire funding per-pupil exceeds $13,000.

Wedding ushers voter calls for accountability would signify significant change to current training.? While there is some sharing involving services across district ranges, most non-instructional function (transportation, back office functions, food service, or anything else.) are provided within each district.? The Legislature and the State Board of Education have never used schools accountable for meeting unique student achievement goals C as in, there are student-focused consequences for not interacting with goals C and districts’ routine options to spend more than necessary are generally ultimately passed on to taxpayers all over the state.

Combined with Kansans’ overwhelming weight to tax increases that you will find necessary to meet the Supreme Court’s lowest funding demand (see “Kansans Deny Court Control of Schools”), voter calls for productivity and accountability should allow legislators a pretty clear method to follow.? If history is actually any guide, however, labor unions and schools boards will certainly object and push with regard to enormous tax increases.

And that is a real shame, as Kansans were just hit with the premier tax hike in talk about history and simply spending a higher price never has C and never will probably C cause student achievement to further improve.



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