Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Sebastian Vettel believes Ferrari can side Formula One champions Mercedes an idea of their own medicine and give an italian man , fans a home win to have on Sunday.

Mercedes have acquired for four years in a row with Monza, with Lewis Hamilton on pole position every time, but that dominance has faded this season using Ferrari on the pace plus picking up momentum.

After a telling performance in Belgium last week, the German’s fifth win in 13 races, Vettel will come with the local ‘tifosi’ dreaming of Ferrari’s first win at Monza given that 2010.

Now 17 points guiding Hamilton but closing in, Vettel has experienced to dampen unrealistic dreams in the past but this time the four times champion is reveling in the mood — if still consuming nothing for granted.

“I find the item quite nice that we find put in this position,” Vettel told correspondents on Thursday when inquired about Mercedes’ ‘power deficit’ to Ferrari.

“I believe people forget that going back five years Mercedes has been totally dominant, especially in terms of electricity unit,” he added.

“Obviously it’s nice for them to put us in that position (in front on power) because it usually means they believe they’re not the strongest from now on. So it’s good to be available online for with them and be a suit.”

Vettel knows how it feels to be able to win at Monza — the ‘Pista Magica’ — and also be cheered all the way, as he was while he took his first Fone victory for Italy-based Toro Rosso in 09.

He also knows about the boos, the bunch voicing their disapproval when he triumphed this year and 2013 for the foe Red Bull.

“It really relies upon which color, which serps you have in the back,” proclaimed the German of their past experiences.

“The first gain was overwhelming in many respect. I didn’t realize at the time that I was racing for an Mexican team… I thought they were happy due to the fact it was me and it was obviously a good race.

“But then four years after I won again I really won in a different color, they weren’t very happy. I’m wondering what was going on because I had not done anything wrong, quite the opposite.”

Asked whether he felt Vw were feeling the heat somebody in charge of since the V6 turbo hybrid motor were introduced in 2014, Vettel shrugged.

“I believe Ferrari, and especially this weekend, that is what I want to enjoy,” he said. “I don’t know in which state of mind people (Mercedes) are.”



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