Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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?How odd it is the esteemed Mr Maher apparently claims that it’s democracy that allows you to vote for Dems, but if someone votes intended for Republicans, well, heck, that ain’t democracy at all!

But, I’ll give Mister Maher credit for one thing: at least he is saying, out loud, what so many on the left are thinking, yet won’t admit. Mr Maher is actually perfectly willing to see individuals,?other?people, of course, be harmed, lose their jobs, perhaps lose their homes, have their young children go hungry, just so his recommended candidates win elections.

The public appear to see things differently.?Client confidence is at its top level since before the Mid 2001 recession, and has soared considering that Donald Trump was elected. By natural means,?the Democrats scoff on those numbers, and are convinced that anything good in the economy is usually somehow the responsibility of President Obama, mainly because, well, because they have to do in which. The Democrats, whose ballots have long depended on a feeling of helplessness and strain, certainly don’t want you to be ok with the way the country is going. Mister Maher, at least, understands that people carry out feel too good right now, that that is bad for the actual left, and actively expectation that people become more miserable, merely to get votes for the remaining.

Well, I hope that the left, as a minimum, do feel miserable, whilst keeping feeling miserable, as Republicans gain elections.



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