Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Dyslexia is a learning disability seen as a poor reading despite typical intelligence. This condition affects people differently. Some dyslexic patients have trouble acquiring and using penned language while others struggle with spelling.

Health experts believe that dyslexia is attributable to genetic and environmental variables. There is no cure for this learning incapacity. If you suspect that your child is actually dyslexic, watch out for these signs and symptoms:

Poor Phonological Awareness

Is your kids unable to identify or feature individual phonemes in words? Whilst expectations of phonemic awareness can vary from child to youngster, dyslexic children will struggle to enunciate rhymes or recognize key phrases that rhyme. The lack of phonological awareness is certainly indicative of a reading incapability. The good news is, phonological awareness can be explained. By teaching your child around phonemic awareness, he will develop better reading fluency, reading comprehension and also proper spelling.

Slow Rapid Naming

Rapid labeling



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