Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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? In a separate video, this naked 13 year old young lady is seen sitting on Hernandez’s lap when another man gropes her breasts. According to court documents, Hernandez was 19 years old at the time.

So one needs to check with, why is someone who admitted that will filming a 13 yr old girl in a sex work being promoted by Instagram? Facebook owns Instagram, and when someone seeks rappers, the account regarding 6ix9ine can up as a “suggestion”.

So don’t just is Hernandez not banned on the platform after distributing video lessons of naked 13 yr old girls, he is actually marketed on the platform.

6ix9ine also has an engaged channel on YouTube, his hottest video posted has around 125 million views.

It would seem is this bizarre Orwellian world, talking over alternative narratives for nationalized news events is cause of internet-wide banning by social media suppliers. However, filming a Tough luck year old girl performing mouth sex and posting it on the internet is grounds to have your own Instagram and YouTube accounts publicized by those same companies.



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