Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Dillinger’s video was published by?TMZ. It showed your ex speaking to his front-facing camera, seemingly on a covered porch or perhaps balcony. He wore any white tank top and two yellow metal chains, and he had a cigar dangling from his mouth.

“Yo, national alert,” Dillinger reported. “All the crips out there, y’all?f- Kanye in place. You see that motherf-er, f- is a- on GP.”

Dillinger left no doubt that your call to action was gang-associated. “This is crip s- n-,” he explained. “We’re going to show you the way come together and ride against your motherf-ing a-.”

“We better not ever assist you to around the LBC,” Dillinger said. “We don’t ever see you around Ca .. Stay in Calabasas, you hear everyone? Because we got a Crip attentive for Kanye.”

“Where you at at this time?” Dillinger wondered, looking sternly into the camera. “So, all the crips out there, if you notice that n-, bang on his a-, f- his a- up. F- Kanye West way up.”

Earlier in the video, Dillinger compared To the west to Stephen, Samuel L. Jackson’s personality from?Django Unchained. “‘I’m with you, master Trump!’” he said, approximating the tone of the dynamics. “‘Burn all these n-!”

Dillinger is best renowned for his work as part of the hip hop duo Tha Dogg Pound alongside Kurupt. Young drivers . worked for many years with Passing away Row Records.

West has?alienated a large swath of his audience?by way of defending his support to get President Trump. His Twitter give is filled with messages about wide-spread love and positive mentality, sprinkled with arguments which he supports the president as a matter of “totally free thought.”

“You don’t should agree with Trump, but the mob?can’l make me not love her,” West wrote Wednesday. “We’ve been both dragon energy. He’s my brother. I love everyone. I actually don’t agree with everything any individual does. That’s what makes you individuals. And we have the directly to independent thought.”

West first talked his?support for President Trump?in 2015, though many of the fans have tried to overlook it.

As the Trump campaign gained traction, West announced his motive to run for president themself in 2020, though he quickly changed the plan to 2024, which means his hope that Us president Trump will serve two terms.

West perhaps met with Trump in Trump Tower on Dec. 13, 2016, according to a report by USA At this time. He and the?then-president-elect?discussed “demi lovato, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculum, along with violence in Chicago,” West’utes hometown.

West later deleted each one of his pro-Trump tweets in Feb of 2017, admitting that he hadn’capital t actually voted, though he’d have cast his ballot for Trump if he had. Sources close to West told?TMZat time that he was not pleased with your president’s travel ban with Muslim people, among other executive actions.



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