Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Pirro recounted, “As I was exiting the stage, [Whoopi Goldberg] is already off, and she said, ‘F people. F you,’ ?and after that I said, ‘Whoopi, I can’t believe it all. I have fought for victims my personal whole life.’

She got in my face to the point where she was actually spitting from me and she said, ‘Get your f out of here. Receive the f out of this building,’ and she’s pointing towards the door. It was almost as though I was a dog, and she cursed me personally out and said, ‘get this f out of this building.’”

Pirro added in, “I have to tell you guys, like a prosecutor and judge and a Fordi, I can go toe-to-toe with the good ones. Well, I have never been cared for like this in my life. That they invited me on?The scene. I didn’t ask to go on, and folks said, ‘Don’t’ go on it.’ I said, ‘You know what? As far as I’m concerned, I can defend my own book.’ I published it. I’ve got hundreds of footnotes. I am about to go on. I like them. I don’t have a problem with them. They were gunning for me personally.”

Pirro cast Goldberg’s belligerence as part of a broad trend of widespread left-wing hostility in the direction of conservatives. She said, “Americans need to understand which in 2018 they’ve got to stand way up for what they think is right as well as what course is the best that this nation is going to take, because the more and more the particular left starts approaching people in restaurants and abusing them in public spots, the more this kind of becomes normal, the more we shall be victimized by it. ( space )?They can call us fascists all they require, but I have been shut down around my attempt to answer questions in a place wherever I was invited on. What i’m saying is, the whole thing is stunning if you ask me.”

Pollak asked if any of?The View’s producers subsequently apologized regarding Goldberg’s hostility.

Pirro replied, “As the portion was abruptly ended, Meghan McCain mouthed to me, ‘I’m so sorry. I’m therefore sorry.’ Honestly, Some even know if I should get in place from the table because I learned it wasn’t over, but the web host just pushed the chair away and stormed off. That it was almost surreal to me. Because i walked out, people started on its way around because they heard the girl’s cursing at me. At that point, I simply walked it out as I had been thrown out. As I was strolling out, she was following me cursing at me. .. All I notice you is that I was floored. I always like Whoopi Goldberg [and] Joy Behar. My spouse and i co-hosted that show before, and I’m not scared to talk to anybody. But this is indeed a problem in this country and it’s occurring from the left to the right all the time.”

Pirro concluded, “I would never do that in order to anyone. I would never compel anyone on my show after which abuse them in an indecent way. That’s not the way we do it in this country. Liars, leakers, and liberals, that is definitely who the left can be. They want socialism. They want communism. They want to near us down and they call us fascists? Really? Enough of this.”



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