Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Murray claimed Jackson was given bodily hormone injections when he was 16 in a bid to cure his particular acne and stop his express from deepening, an allegation the doctor first outlined in his self-published e-book in 2016.

Michael Jackson died during 2009 from an overdose of propofol in addition to sedatives. He found celebrity as a young child while undertaking along his siblings seeing that ‘The Jackson 5,’ who have been managed by their daddy.

Murray claimed Jackson confided in him or her about “the many sufferings at the hands of the father that he encountered past imagination and words.In He said Joe Jackson was initially “one of the worst fathers to be able to his children in history” together with added: ?“I hope Joe Yost has found redemption in hell.”

A French vascular surgeon produced similar claims in 2011, quite possibly writing a book about it. Medical professional Alain Branchereau said Jackson was chemically castrated from the synthetic anti-male hormone drug Cyproterone. After researching the drug and observing photographs plus specialists in the field, Branchereau think it is prevents body hair and the larynx growing. It also affects the bone fragments, which can lead to a slight frame and massive chest.



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