Sunday, September 26, 2021
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The 2017 state assessment results revealed this week by the Kansas Division of Education shows college or university and career readiness is always persistently low across Kansas.? The state average for Eleventh grade low income trainees is just 11 percent including a slight decline from Twelve.2 percent last year; 33.1 percent of those who aren’t decreased income are on track to generally be college and career prepared in Math, which is a little better than last year’s common of 33.6 percent.? Uk Language Arts readiness pertaining to 10th graders declined for both groups; low income 10th graders declined from 17.8 % to 16.5 percent plus readiness for other learners dropped from 42.3 percent to 39.8 p . c.

The state assessment has some performance levels.? Students in Level 1 are below grade level.? Level 3 is for students considered at grade level but not on the right track to be college and vocation ready because they still need a number of remedial training.? College plus career readiness is reflected in Levels 3 and also 4, for students who don’t have to have remedial training and are on track to be college and occupation ready.

USD 266 Maize has the highest amount of low income 10th graders on course in Math (33 %) among the state’s larger zones and USD 229 Blue Vly leads for Math college students who aren’t low profits at 53 percent.

In Language Language Arts, USD 229 Violet Valley has the highest portion of low income 10th graders on target at 35 percent and $ 497 Lawrence leads for those who aren’t very low income at 57 percentage.

USD 457 Garden City has the smallest Math readiness among much larger districts at 2 % and 8 percent, respectively.? Within English Language Arts, Us dollars 443 Dodge City is the most competitive for low income college students at 7 percent and USD 500 Kansas Town’s 18 percent is the reduced readiness level for students who actually aren’t low income.

Readiness degrees in the adjacent table in which improved over the prior yr are highlighted in earth-friendly and those that declined are highlighted in pink.



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