Sunday, September 26, 2021
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The difference between reaching the particular U.S. Open ultimate and winning it can be found is in the details, believes Madison Important factors who has turned to technology in order to help make her Grand Bust dream a reality.

Rackets made from space-age substances, training methods taken straight due to Navy Seal manuals, diet programs and nutrition and sporting activities psychologists are now all part of almost any top player’s game plan.

But when compared with other sports tennis gamers, beyond video games, have been slowly to embrace the technology that is now an integral part of almost every professional sports league from Baseball to the National Hockey League.

From the New You are able to Yankees to the Toronto Maple Leafs teams now employ google analytics departments whose sole career is to crunch numbers and tendencies in a never ending pursuit for find that little advantage that can make a big difference.

Keys, who lost past year’s final to Sloane Stephens, features hooked up with IBM all of which will use new technology for Flushing Meadows that will allow her coaches to index plus analyze video.

What was a tiresome process that could take two to three a long time can now be done in 30 minutes when allowing coaches the ability to monitor all the matches happening nationally.

Analyzing an opponent’s tendencies, pros and cons is nothing new in football, but the amount of data along with what can be done with it could produce a whole new edge.

“That info gets very specific whether it is where someone is showing up in the ball on the serve along with court position and all of this,” Keys told Reuters. “Being able to have that information for matches can be quite valuable.

“That raw facts normally you would have to wait until you’ve got played a match.

“The thing is now linking this to practice so you can be in advance of it, what to do and what I need to work on to make it more difficult a great opponent to read me.”

Keys, who will be using the technology for the first time during Flushing Meadows, eased previous Frenchwoman Pauline Parmentier in her opener on Tuesday that has a tidy 6-4 6-4 victory.

All the technology on the globe, however, cannot help a player deal with their emotions. That is included with experience and the 14th start up believes that is another vicinity where she has improved.

“I think like I’ve had a great deal of experience under my buckle now and how to deal with crazy emotions getting myself into a closing,” Keys said.

“Personally, I personally don’t like having too much information but I do like pretty specific things like an opponent’vertisements tendency on break details where are they most likely going to serve.

“Little things like that, having which will information going into a fit can be really crucial.”



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