Sunday, September 26, 2021
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This post is intended to help Global Knowledge students navigate Avaya’s new and improved certification web page. Please always check for updated certification curriculum and exam objectives.

Go to and click on “Certifications & Credentials.” Alternatively, to go directly to the site, click here.


Select “Services Credentials” from far right tab of web page as shown below.


Next, select the “ACSS” link to see the current Avaya Certified Support Credentials.


Once a list populates on the right side, you can get more information on specific certifications and download a “Learning Map Detail” page to understand the relationship between each course and its corresponding test. For example, click on “Avaya Aura Core Components” to download the AA Core Components ACSS “Learning Map.”


Follow the “Learning Map Detail” page from bottom to top. It’s best to take the courses and then test in this order.


Scroll down below the Learning Map, and you will find helpful links to the appropriate Avaya courses and certification exams. Select the exam links to find out the accompanying objectives you should study for success.



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