Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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South Park creators Trey Parker and Shiny Stone have angered The movies by publicly announcing his or her support for President Mr . trump.?

During a ‘Freedom’ awards ceremony a while back hosted by left-wing activist group ‘People for the American Way’, Parker plus Stone stunned the audience by simply announcing that they were die-hard Republicans.

As Dangerous.web writer?Pawl Bazile noted:

Last week Trey Parker as well as Matt Stone sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry by announcing at an awards ceremony, “we’re republicans.”

The Southern area Park creative powerhouses were buying a “Freedom” award from People for any American Way and required to reaffirm in front of the audience of well-known entertainment insiders, “No seriously, we’re also republicans,” after the audience evolved into uncomfortably chuckled [sic] at the concept of right wingers among them. Larry Senior tweeted about the crowd’s reaction saying:

Trey Parker & Matt Stone of @SouthPark asked me flying insects them when they received a ‘freedom’ award from Norman Lear’s group. After they graciously accepted, they said, ‘We’re republicans.A Nervous laughter. They duplicated, ‘No, seriously, we’re republicans.'”

People for the American Way Foundation is an loyality group for progressive ideals chaired by television legend Gary Lear from?All in the Family?along with?Sanford and Son?fame. Lear has a consistent track of advocating for nothing speech and showcasing politically erroneous programming. However, the PFAW goal statement includes in virtually no uncertain terms it is a “-progressive loyality organizations founded to fight right-wing extremism[.]”

American Thinker’s?Johnson Lifson notes?that while Norman Lear is actually a doctrinaire liberal, he may be more prepared to take freedom of expression compared with most of today’s modern quit.

I can’t claim to know her well, but I spent a number of hours with Norman Lear in the later 1980s discussing a business suggestion he was considering about what he wanted some advice. All of us hit it off, and after some of our discussion, he took me using a tour of his locations on the studio lot and also allowed me to sit in for a while with the writers taking care of his sitcom that was after that in production. It was a fascinating thing for me to experience, and it taught me to be appreciate the process by which humor is manufactured in popular telly.

I found Lear to be a sincere along with honest person and detected that he truly loves the united states. He has an extensive collection of Americana, i would not be in the least surprised in the event his dedication to freedom of expression includes the speech of people with whom he disagrees. And need rest, he would be miles before the assembled Hollywood types who were at the awards ceremony in addition to who laughed nervously.

In any case, with this loud and proud assertion that they are not Democrats, Parker together with Stone may just find that the actual left hates them all the greater number of. But at this point,?South Park your car?has made them rich and famous, therefore they probably don’t much care what anti-American, fascist liberals think.



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