Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Vibrational medicine C also known as energetic drugs or vibrational therapy C is a type of substitute healing principle. The machine uses the dynamic energy programs of the mind, body plus spirit to promote healing. This unique healing method was developed by a researcher at the Stevens Institute with Technology in New Jersey. Some sort of vibrational tool utilizes the power of soundwaves to invigorate the life drive, diminish health disorders along with promote spiritual healing.

To realize vibrational medicine, you need to know the basic principles of this alternative healing method:

Vibrational Remedies Principles

Healing the Body

Illnesses and health problems are caused by subtle energy models that coordinate the life push and the physical body. This unique generates a special form of the vibrations, which leads to certain diseases.

Manipulating the Vibrations

A skilled vibration practitioner has the power to manipulate different types of vibrations developed by the body to recover specific illnesses.

Vibration in Nature

Vibration encompasses. Our bodies generate it, critters generate it, even facilities and bodies of water produce vibrations. To heal one’s body, you need to use positive vibrations. These types of vibrations are generated by rivers, oceanic masses, and streams. Lighting as well as thunderstorms also generate good vibrations.

The Elements of Vibrations

The four components of nature C earth, wind, flame, and water C generate types of vibrations. And each vibration can be used as different purposes.

Different Types of Vibrational Treatment Methods


Acupuncture is considered as a vibrational treatment. Around Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), fine needles are usually inserted in acupoints of the system. Within these points are lying the life force called “qi.Inch If the qi flow is definitely disrupted in any way, it will cause various diseases. The tiny adjust the qi move to maintain continuous movement regarding positive energy.


Yes, aromatherapy is also a part of vibrational medicine. Just like how needles restore healthy vibrations in the body, different scents cause healing too.

Vibrational medicine at the same time covers chakra rebalancing, Bach Flower treatment, channeling, color therapy, shade breathing, absent healing, Electroacupuncture, etheric effect, homeopathy, and flower essence cure. Laserpuncture, mesmerism, Kirlian photography, moxibustion, the laying upon of hands, meridian therapy, polarity therapy, orthomolecular medicine, psychic surgery, past-life regression, together with psychic healing are also part of vibrational medicine. Finally, Simonton method, radionics, Transcendental Meditating, sono-puncture, toning, and therapeutic contact are also part of this healing strategy.

Sources of Vibrational Energies


A practitioner can mend an individual by harnessing the vibrations of water, sunlight, fine sand and stones. Plants, gems, and crystals can also be used to market healing and heighten spiritual techniques.


Different types of sounds generate vibrations called sound waves. Various types of sound waves can trigger body recovering. For instance, music, which is a sort of vibration, is harnessed to be able to trigger the body to mend itself. And you don’t need a good vibrational practitioner to do this. All you have to undertake is to listen or show up to soothing music for you to heal the body!


Harnessing electrical oscillations to heal the body is termed Electromedicine. This is a special form of vibrational healing that utilizes electromagnetic fields to be able to rebalance energies and treat emotional and physical ailments. However, because a lot of people are more sensitive to electromagnetic ocean than others, electromedicine should be conducted by a licensed practitioner.



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