Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Dave Chappelle, at least initially, managed none of these things. He was unique in that regard. They got famous with stand-up and eventually gained his own show on Comedy Main called the Chappelle Show. Since he was an independent writer/actor/performer, he had free rein on this show and just what we saw in those two times was something fresh, authentic and not scripted by the industry Illuminati.

There had not been hidden agenda, just a good look at race, society, in addition to whatever Chappelle felt like masking.

Now according to his cousin’s testimony, at this time Dave was called in to the executive’s office, and was resting at a round table associated with rich exec Illuminati types who seem to basically told him he / she needed to cut out some of the materials that he was doing. Precisely they had a problem with his interpretation of black people. They did not like his honest take on certain characters and portrayals due to the fact, according to his cousin, we were holding grooming Obama to become the following president, and felt that being threatened by Dave’s present.

When Dave refused to give up his creative license and artistic vision, they given him $50,000,000 to swap the show to the technique they wanted. Again Dave refused.

He left that reaching badly shaken. It sounds like he has a run-in with the Illuminati and seemed to be feeling implicitly threatened by some very powerful people. It was at this point that he fled to The african continent. The media portrayed this the same way they do whenever a operated celebrity begins to break down caused by Illuminati pressure: they say he or she is which has a psychotic break, a meltdown, any mental breakdown, you name it. The tutor said Dave was overwhelmed by the fame, couldn’t handle the pressure.

Dave had nothing of the sort. He treasured the limelight. No, this individual experienced a brush with something very powerful and sinister and was scared out of his wits. He had been careful not to name brands or get specific over it during interviews, but if a person read between the lines and mix that with his cousin’s testimony, you recruit a clear picture.

He needed to flee, so he went to African-american, without even telling his better half. He told his sibling and his cousin, and referred to as his wife once there, although didn’t give his unique location. Sounds like someone endeavoring to evade an assassination to me.

In the end it was his love from the limelight that would be his downside. If what his nephew is saying is true, he really should have stayed in Africa. They came back, and initially planted low, doing local standup reveals but refraining from returning to Hollywood and television. But eventually he felt the need to discuss, he needed to tell his story to the world. So they went onto Oprah.

When you watch the Oprah appointment, you can see that she is playing the woman Illuminati part, in trying to reflect him as someone who broke down within the fame, buckled under the demand. Dave’s body language looks like the deep rooted messaging of a broken person. Clearly he is conflicted at this point, wishing to return, to tell his account, to possibly get his or her show back, but all at once confronted by Illuminati devils everywhere your dog turns, trying to control his / her movements, his image, his or her story.

According to his relation who does not wish to be referred to as, it was not long after the The famous host oprah interview that Dave Chappelle was killed and cloned. Where did they did it was by tempting him back into the Hollywood account manager office, back to the circle table of exec types who push the Movie agenda, by offering him the show back, with entire creative license to Dave. Sounds too good to possibly be true, but Dave chop down for it. It was his love to the show that did him around.

His cousin warned him, “don’t do it right, it’s a trap.” However , Dave wanted to believe. Gaga promised his cousin he would call her once the meeting with the management. She never received yet still has not received that text message.

She tried calling his mobile phone shortly after the meeting. Another person picked up, a stranger’s voice, which told her that Dave isn’t there and hung up. She tried again and the cellular phone became disconnected.

She believes a Illuminati took Dave to an subterranean base where they tested his DNA and slain him. Then through the use of a thing called organic?robotoid cloning, they expanded a new Dave in a matter of several hours. Now with clones, they are going to search similar but not exact. That they had this problem before where family members recognize that the person coming home directly to them is not their loved one. Perhaps surprisingly, Putin’s ex-wife testified about this same thing, lots of years back. Since they knew Dave’s better half and kids would not be fooled from the clone Dave, they harmed and cloned them as well.



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