Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Bruce Willis has warned President Trump he can be a “one term president” if he makes the “monumental mistake” of abandoning the base and his respect for that Constitution by coming for your guns.

I really hope he or she realizes he’s going to shed half his base by means of doing something this stupid,” Bruce Willis mentioned, firing a warning shot along the bows. “I voted for him when he was strong on the Constitution, strong on the Bill involving Rights,”?Willis said to audience people after his appearance around the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, exactly where he was promoting his particular new film Death Like.

What he said the other day totally betrays the ideals of the people who got her elected. I’m hoping anyone pulled him into a backside room and said ‘Hi there man, you are betraying any ideals of our founding dads, this is not going to end well.‘”

Asked by just an audience member if the guy really thought gun command would “end badly“, Willis doubled down, proclaiming that he has “no doubt it will end badly. For him [Trump] shield . rest of us.

These are our privileges, they are not privileges that can be taken away from us like we have been kids because of some psycho nutcase in Florida or where ever,” said Willis, “If he pushes finished these reforms I will be voting for another candidate in 2020 and I fully understand for a fact that millions of other people will too.”

In an open meeting with congressional Democrats plus Republicans Wednesday, Trump appeared to embrace the idea of raising the age limit for purchasing weapons and indicated that law enforcement should be ready to confiscate people’s guns before you go through due process in the court.

Trump has been tentatively applauded simply by those on the left designed for his surprise stance in gun control. But not Bruce Willis. At this time when Hollywood stars are lining up to support one Democrat agenda piece after another, Bruce Willis is one of the very few actors to go against the grain and provide voice to alternative careers.

It is a risky proposition to move up against the Hollywood left, nonetheless Willis is a major power competitor in the film industry, possessing grossed more than two and a half million dollars at the box company.

I think that you can’t start to decide on apart anything out of the Expenses of Rights without assuming it’s all going to become undone,Inches he said.

Bruce Willis also spoke on the potential erosion of individual rights recently.

If you take one released or change one law, then why wouldn’t they will take all your rights from the you?” Willis asked.

Death Wish, the fresh Bruce Willis film directed by Eli Roth, is in cinemas. Willis has thrilled followers of the Die Hard team, confirming that Die Hard 6 is now in pre-production.



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