Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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There was much spirited and infrequently heated discussion regarding the creating of the new education money law among the various intention committee hearings during the 2017 time. Legislators debated a variety of ways that addressed the amount of extra cash that would go to schools, by using a keen eye toward the things they felt would satisfy the Supreme Court pursuant to the Gannon case. Much of the debate was focused on how to target additional dollars to the trainees identified by the Court as not adequately served by the Kansas education system.

Despite all the focus and discussion on increasing opportunities for those identified needs, a seemingly throw-away comment by KSDE’s Dale Dennis has apparently come to fruition. While answering questions during a real committee meeting in which law makers were debating the new formulation, Mr. Dennis made a seemingly innocuous, off-the-cuff comment that most of the brand new money was just going to look at the teachers anyway



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