Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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On April 3, 2018, Ferrell appeared on an obscure talk show, the Chris Gethard Show, in which began in 2011 on the public-access Long island Neighborhood Network and, right after 7 years, now airs on cord truTV. (Like you, I’ve never read about the Chris Gethard Show. Neither of them have I ever observed or even known about truTV.)

From TruTV:

In Season About three, episode 19, “Executive Producer, Can Ferrell performs a cleansing about Chris with a mission to gain monumental show ratings being successful.”

The episode begins with Ferrell chatting with a caller, making non sequiturreferences to help “pizza” – the pedophile code-word to get young girls.

Then comes the satanic routine.

Gethard is stripped down to the shorts, and drinks a good disgusting fecal-colored liquid. Minions in hooded human body suits smear blood for his torso and facial skin. Then the minions throw dirt regarding Gethard.

Ferrell asks the masked along with hooded audience to repeat following him:

“You are nothing! Increase the amounts! This is not art!”

Ferrell orders Gethard so that you can step up to a mirror as well as say “I love you, emu.”

Gethard is resting on the ground. The minions drag your pet up, as someone screams “Bring him to daddy!”.

Ferrell appeals to Gethard’s head and lifts the pup up, saying, “Come up, my very own child. Come up.” Directing to his chest, Ferrell suggests, “Suckle from my womb. This can be the milk of strong, regular high ratings.”

There is nothing funny around Ferrell’s skit.

It was a satanic ritual, disguised as a comedy skit.


Thanks to a tip coming from a reader, we have Chris Gethard’s private acknowledgement that he is a Satanist, that they wrote on Reddit in addition to subsequently deleted – but is not before it was captured by notify netizen TheHighBlatman and uploaded to imgur:



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